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We became aware of our true feelings after recognizing them

They won’t change even if I envy someone

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Name:All Out Perfect Body
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ƸӜƷ All Out Perfect Body ƸӜƷ
A RinRei Community


All Out Perfect Body is a community for fans of the characters Rei Ryugazaki and Rin Matsuoka, from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, individually and as a pairing. We encourage discussions, fanworks and anything else relating to these rival butterfly swimmers, so do feel free to go all out!


→ This is a RinRei shipping community; pairing hate or any sort of harassment should be reported immediately;
→ NSFW content should be labeled and posted under a cut;
→ Advertising other relevant communities/websites is allowed, but please keep spam to a minimum;
→ Above all, enjoy your stay!


[ profile] fuckyeahrinrei, [ profile] rinandrei & [ profile] butterfly-boyfriends - RinRei blogs
[ profile] rin-x-rei - RinRei group
All Out Perfect Body & Butterfly Cave - yourworldoftext pages
→ #alloutperfectbody @ - RinRei mIRC chat
[community profile] frfr - general discussion comm


§ Information layout credit goes to [personal profile] lavaliere.
§ Coding done by [personal profile] advancing.
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